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WHITE PONY extends and expands on the Livescape DNA. 

Where every member is celebrated for their unique quirks,  we strive to provide an environment for all members to  thrive and grow both, horizontally and vertically through ownership, holacracy, and a safe space with no judgement.

Discover what it's like to work at White Pony.

White Friday


We live in a world where there is constant change, no pauses with everything constantly in motion.


Sometimes, all it takes is a moment of quiet. To give our creative minds time to rejuvenate, allowing space for us to be naturally inspired.


We call this White Friday.

Every friday, our office is closed.

We aim to hold no internal discussions or client meetings

To gift our creative minds with time to heal for your next big idea.


White Friday f*ckaway moments


On the last Friday of every month, we depart on a company getaway, which we have collectively dubbed, 'f*ckaway'. We speak about our learnings and inspire on another... and then we get f*cked. But most importantly, these moments give birth to new radical ideas and the memories last a lifetime. 

Here are some of our favorite moments (or at least of what we can recall).


61, Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya,

Selangor 46000, Malaysia

No. 3A Jalan Cilandak Dalam,

Jakarta 12430, Indonesia


© 2021 White Pony

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